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The Story of Sneaker Tongue

Hello, my fellow Sneaker Heads! Welcome to Sneaker Tongue, that's right, Sneaker Tongue!

My name is Tariq Polley and I am the founder and CEO of Sneaker Tongue. I have come up with a brand that represents the Sneaker Heads.  I decided to make this brand official once my Mom passed away from cancer on January 4th, 2020. This is something exclusively for Sneaker Heads, something we can call our own! Sneaker Tongue represents the love and knowledge we have for sneakers. Sneaker Heads are a different breed and I am proud to be one one of many. Yes, I smell the inside of a fresh pair. Yes, I admire the different color ways and materials of a sneaker. Yes, I love how each sneaker has its own story. And yes, I have licked the bottom of shoes a couple of times in my life! Im Different! Im Unique! IM ME! 


Sneaker Heads, this is our time, and now we have something to call our own, Sneaker Tongue is a brand where we can express ourselves freely. There is more to us than the love we have for sneakers. Sneaker Tongue REPRESENTS ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY that loves sneakers.Be Different! Be Unique! Be True To Yourself! If you don't get it, that's ok! "We don't speak the same language!" This is our movement and I do it for us! Merchandise releases will always be high quality and limited quantity. 

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